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I completed FDS University. I completed FDS Sissy University.
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Last Login: 2019-06-30
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Extreme Restraints
I am a : transgender submissive

City : Chicago
State / Province : Illinois
Country : United States
Date of Birth : 1974
Height : 5ft 9in
Body Type : Slim
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Hazel
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : No
Occupation : Unspecified
Orientation : Straight
In Lifestyle Since : 2007
About me

i've always been envious of Girls since childhood and always felt Girls were luckier then boys for all the fun things they could wear and do. Snuck into a few of my Mom's and Sisters things when i was little but was always ashamed. i really started dressing off and on in my college years. Always been private about this. Listened to feminization hypnosis files for many years and found the desire to dress and feel feminine get stronger and stronger. i really believe that the hypnosis has helped me to feel more comfortable with who i am and has helped me to be more accepting of that. Not certain that i'm transgendered but that was my only title option. i'm closeted and have never been to a doctor or anything about it, though i do know i enjoy, partake and am now accepting of some of the Feminine joys of life. i seem to love myself more when i do. It's amazing to feel fabulous! i guess i'm just trying to figure it all out. i truly believe that Women are superior and since i wasn't blessed by the Goddess to be born as one, i wish to be as much like Women as my present situation will allow. Glad to find amazing Women here who understand, accept and help me with who i am.

Ok, so after some deep thought about this, here is my "Friends" policy. When i joined here i had people "friending" me and i "friended" them back. But, it seems to me that people whom i'm "friends" with, i should actually know, right? Over half of the people on my friends list I've never spoken to at all, so how are they really my friends? I understand that to some people having a big friends list is a status or ego booster...but that's not me. i don't mean to sound like a biatch but i'm just not seeing the point. i'm more then happy to be someone's "friend" but how about getting to know me first?... or even just saying hi? i'm often in chat. Send me a message.Get to know me and if i like you i'll be more then happy adding you to my list. Thanks for understanding and no offense if i didn't accept your requests! :)

Thanks to A/anyone who has hotlisted me or voted on my pics! <3 All my points get donated.



I've pasted my answers to the sub questionare below...

What do you consider to be your greatest feature? my heart

Do you live a 24/7 sub/slave/sissy lifestyle? i do not.

What do you look for in a Domme? i would love to be able to find and trust a wonderful Dominant Woman with the entire, whole me. A Woman who would accept me for who i am and help me to better myself by helping me to become a better me. ideally tho this would happen within a relationship that seems vanilla to my family and friends in the outside world.

Describe your body "landscaping" i.e. manicures, pedicures, hair, etc. i am able to let my feminine side out more at home during the colder seasons when i can wear long clothes to hide my shaved body, pedicure or whatever when out and about. Probably not as much as i should, huh?  i have only done my fingernails if i am doing a photo shoot.

How do "you" as a sub/slave initiate the first conversation when getting to know a Domme? i would say hello and be my friendly self talking to them in a respectful manner as they are my Superior.

If you were to surprise your Domme with an outfit or ensemble, what would it be and why? i guess after i got to know my Domme and Her tastes then i would try and pick something that i felt suited Her…or i'd see if she had a wish list lol.

Please correct the use of apostrophes in the following sentences: a."What's your safe word?" b. "Where's My whip?" c. "Ooh - there are 7 Dommes in the Domme chat." d. Whose slave is this?

If you were a Domme and you were going to get a tribute but it could ONLY BE a household appliance, what would you request? a Vitamix

What is your biggest challenge in being a sub/slave? Accepting myself

How would you describe yourself as a sub? For example, a sub, slave sissy masochist dog. Why?  a crossdresser who may be transgender.

What would you like to improve upon? my acceptance and confidence in myself

Have you read the Chat Protocol? If not, please do it now. i have

How would you react if your Domme was to play with another sub in front of you? it would depend on our situation and agreements.

What is your Myers-Briggs personality type? I am an ISFJ

Share with your fears when you first became involved in the lifestyle. And what are your fears now? I remember sneaking into a pair of hi heeled tap shoes when i was around seven but I've only been involved in the lifestyle online which is a bit scary to me because how do you know if you can really trust someone online?

(Anyone using this site for research purposes does not have my permission to use my images, photos or profile. Any attempt to do so will be taken as invasion of my privacy and legally pursued as such.)

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"Thank you for the hot list heather, you are most certainly a refreshing and obedient sub in the lobby. Always a pleasure... Mz Katie"
KatieskingDomme - 02-14-17

thanks for the Hotlist add~*
"you are quite a little force of joy around here! "
MistressDiva - 09-27-16

you are always so
"sweet! Thanks for re-welcoming me to my new/old profile!"
MistressDiva - 09-08-16

cute bod
"Hello girl Keep in touch"
Kircedes - 10-02-15

MistressDiedre - 11-03-12


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