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I completed FDS University. I completed FDS Sissy University.
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" I Want to Do Your Bidding "

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Extreme Restraints
I am a : male submissive

City : Fort Worth
State / Province : Texas
Country : United States
Date of Birth : 1965
Height : 6ft 0in
Body Type : Muscular
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color : Green
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : No
Occupation : Other
Orientation : Bi-curious
In Lifestyle Since : 1990
About me

First, thank You for reading my profile.  I greatly appreciate your valuable time. I am generally quiet, submissive and introverted, but for the purpose of finding my Owner I thought it best to include a lot of information. I am seeking an evolved dominant woman who has knowledge and experience, and is dedicated to female supremacy. I seek reality not fantasy in the structure of a deeply intimate, female led relationship with a person that I am in love with.

Most women on this site get a hundred e-mails a week from urgent men pressuring them with a laundry list of fetishes, so I don't make first contact. I figure if a Domme is interested, She'll have found something in my profile that moves Her to communicate with me.  Age, race, religion, appearance, not matter to me provided You are truly dominant. If you are seeking an Alpha of some type, I'll be a disappointment.  My nature is predisposed to being docile, gentle, and kind with everyone.  I listen a lot more than I speak, unless of course my Domme wants my opinion.  It's natural for me to follow rather than lead, and thus I seek someone who enjoys decision making and "wearing the pants" in a relationship. 

I am looking for someone local unless they travel to the DFW area. I am not interested in long distance or cyber play.  My experiences with trying to maintain a relationship with someone far away just hasn't worked.  If you are a professional dominatrix, I'm probably not for you unless you are looking for a committed LTR FLR.  I've had enough one-hour sessions to last me a lifetime, and now I need something lasting and deeper.  That's not to say I would interfere with your work, but I would want to be your number 1 slave. 

I would like an agreed trial period of consensual slavery to ensure compatibility, but once I'm in, I'm all the way in. I will endorse a contract of non-consensual slavery with terms and conditions set by my Owner with marriage vows if my Owner so desires.  We can appear to the rest of the world as husband/Wife or if You prefer to live openly as slave/Mistress, but I seek 24/7/365 lifetime slavery with my sole purpose dedicated to your wants and needs.

I believe I am wired differently from many of the submissive males here who seek fantasy fetish fulfillment.  It's much more deeply fulfilling to satisfy another's desires than my own.  I am the type of slave who will rise to the level of training I receive; and therefore I'm looking for someone who is serious about taking the time and effort to mold me into her ideal slave.   The reason I am on this site is that the women here seem to be more experienced in D/s relationships and comfortable assuming the role of supremacist.  A Domme with a no-nonsense, stern commanding military style would mesh well with me, or really any dominant style that provides black and white clarity for a submissive's performance.  Once I am equipped with detailed information, I don't need micromangement (unless of course that is something You enjoy).  I am looking for a Mistress who is serious, impervious to tears, heavy on formal protocols, strict, and has clear set of challenging expectations for Her slave.  I reflect on my past D/s experiences and my performance and level of service has always been higher and when my Domme has been a strong disciplinarian who does not accept shortcuts.  That's not to say that I seek punishment, but I have a strong association with pain and behavior.  The more something hurts, the more likely I will be to act in a way to avoid future punishment.  Even when I behave appropriately, "reminders" work exceptionally well to keep me on the straight and narrow. 

I wouldn’t consider myself a pain slut, especially when comparing myself to some of the more extreme members on this site, but neither am I fragile either. I can take a pretty good beating when I'm partnered with a true sadist especially if the blows come down on my back, legs, or buttocks.  I'm certainly not looking for someone who will permanently damage me, except perhaps a small brand, piercing, scarring, or other permanent mark of ownership which I would wear proudly.  I am at a stage in life where I no longer need to keep secrets for career or family reasons, so there are no parts of my body that are "off limits". 

I affiliate as straight or bi-curious, but will perform with men only under direction. While I don't consider myself truly bisexual, I have experience performing oral and receiving anal from men although I am not physically attracted to them.  I've had a couple of intense experiences with dominant TS Goddesses, too. I could never top anybody, but have honestly enjoyed my bi, and forced bi experiences getting used, pleasing, along with the humiliation.  I've never sought out men on my own, however, and only service males if commanded to do so.  My penis is generally limp when I interact with males, but I will do my best to provide an enjoyable experience if it is something my Domme wants me to do.  However, any pleasure I get from bisexuality comes from demonstrating what I am willing to do for my Mistress not lust for male interaction. 

As for the kinks, I am a bit of a chameleon and am happy serving and being used as my dominant sees fit. I'm not saying that to be evasive, but when my partner has a strong desire it becomes my desire as well.  When a fetish doesn't excite my Owner then it doesn't excite me.  I am quite moldable and take pleasure from pleasing and pampering. It gives me a deep sense of fulfillment to do something I ordinarily might not be crazy about on my own, but engage in it eagerly because it pleases my Owner.  Whatever your favorite things to do are, they will become my favorites because they come from You.  My nature is to obediently follow, but like any man I have fantasies of my own. You'll be the One who decides whether they're worth consideration and decide for both of us if they are relevant.  I have no problem filling out a slave application if you wish more information in this regard. 

I've never been fully feminized although I can picture it with the right Owner. My voice, mannerisms, and appearance are normally masculine. I've been forced to wear panties before, but I have a lot to learn when it comes to dressing up, using makeup, walking in high heels, etc... I'm just being honest, I would need considerable training and instruction if that's a component of service for You. I don't fully understand my feminine side yet, but I'll admit curiosity because so many submissive men and dominant women seem to enjoy gender bending.  I am a cooking hobbiest and good housekeeper if You are looking for a sissy maid, or leave out the sissy part and just enjoy quality domestic service. I take pride in the so-called "bitch tasks", and enjoy scrubbing and polishing so my Owner is always in sparkling clean surroundings that pass the white glove test.  The refrigerator will always be filled with your favorite foods, and your meals will be prepared to your liking with loving hands.

. ...and since this is full disclosure. I didn't put a cock pic on my profile for a long time because I thought it was distasteful, but a wise friend told me it would be a good idea to post at least one picture so as not to mislead. I have added one to my profile if You want to look or not. My penis measures only five inches and I am extremely insecure about it. A few well-meaning women in my past have told me it's "average", but honesty goes a lot farther in my book.  I'd rather put my cards on the table now so that Dommes who are seeking a well hung slave don't have to waste their time with me.  I have come to grips with my inadequacy, but I am not inadequate in all ways. Even if You are a size queen and find me unfit for sex, I hope You would still consider me for other kinds of service. I can be easily compartmentalized into other roles in Your life as both slave and devoted cuckold.  This is not to say I'll push you into someone else's arms if you believe that I'm equipped enough to please you.  Like everything else, that's ultimately up to You to decide.  The cuckolding aspect is simply an avenue for addressing Your true sexuality if you decide I am insufficient for your needs .  The way I see it is that my Mistress deserves the best of everything, and that includes outstanding sex with partners of Her choosing.  I see my role as one of support and encouragement without overt displays of jealousy no matter what direction she chooses. 

I need intellectual discourse in my life to make me feel human.  That's a huge part of what I'm looking for here in a Mistress. Smart, strong, confident women melt me, especially if they have knowledge of psychology as it relates to dominance and submission.  Once a dominant has control of my mind it's pretty much game over. I need the intellectual connection as much as the power exchange, and could see myself in a relationship that openly promotes female superiority to others. It is my belief that most couples would be happier in a female led relationship, and many more would try it if only they had information and good role models to turn to. You will find me with a winning personality, good sense of humor, attractive, well educated, analytical, and able to be at ease in public or private situations.  I never talk about politics or religion at the dinner table, if you know what I mean.  We can look like a vanilla couple in public, but astute people will probably figure out that you are the dominant one in our relationship.

I recently retired at 50 and have an adequate pension to live on now.  I'm not rich, but have a small nest egg for emergencies.  I don't have to work anymore, so I can spend all my waking hours in service.   There is enough for both of us to live on, however, modestly.  If you are a pro Domme and would want to continue doing what you love with other slaves, I certainly won't throw up any roadblocks.  I don't want to change you life, rather enhance it in any way I am capable of. 

I was the boss when I was working and hated being in charge all the time, so I see myself living the rest of my life in slavery belonging to an exceptional Owner.  Some might say I'm looking for an abusive relationship, but I really don't see it that way. There are always moments for compassion and tenderness, but at the core of it I'm looking for my sadistic counterpart who understands both Her nature and mine.  I'm a submissive who hasn't been soundly broken, and thus I still have flaws such as male ego, pride, and independence. I seek an Owner who will crush these things, and then resurrect me as her perfect slave.  I'm ready to take the next step toward psychological reconstruction and move from mere submission to complete slavery and total dependence upon my Owner with no possibility of escape. 

I am divorced without children, and have no obstacles to keep that from happening. I am drug and disease free. I'm a non-smoker, but enjoy a beer or glass of wine on occasion if allowed. I am open to A/all responses even if it's just correspondence. I enjoy meeting and conversing with people in the lifestyle, especially those who are sincere practitioners.

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