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" In search of a REAL TIME Female Led Relationship "

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Extreme Restraints
I am a : Female Lifestyle Dominant

City : Winnipeg
State / Province : Manitoba
Country : Canada
Date of Birth : 1963
Height : 5ft 9in
Body Type : Heavyset
Hair Color : Blonde
Eye Color : Blue
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : No
Occupation : Other
Orientation : Bi-curious
In Lifestyle Since : 1968
About me

Do you like a Superior Woman who discretely prefers the upper hand in relationship? For Me, it is about trust, power balances, and clearly defined roles and for you, it is about following My lead.


I'm a smart, attractive, Big Beautiful middle-aged Woman who happens to be a Superior Dominant Female, and to be perfectly clear; I want the whole package! I don't want someone who is just anyone's doormat ... just Mine...which means I only permit those that I Own to call Me Mistress as this is a name that a sub/slave is honoured to call a superior Woman! Those that just chat with Me in the lobby may refer to Me as Ms Katie, and yes, you can will most likely find Me there, so stop by and say hello!!!


I'm bossy, demanding, always in control in both life and in play, yet I'm also very nurturing. As previously stated, I like to always be in control, so I want a sub/slave/sissy who will submit and obey Me in every sense of the word.


you are discretely submissive with slave tenancies and enjoy being treated like a slave. you love being controlled, micromanaged, and used orally when I feel like having My way with you! Oh, and I'm not into online fantasy, I'm looking for the real thing. However, if you strive to be the best sub/slave/sissy you can be and can make yourself useful to Me in some way, shape, or form, I may consider you as an online slave. I am not necessarily looking for monetary servitude, but you do have your strong points and I may indeed use them to make My life easier. So if you enjoy being beta when it comes to a Superior Woman who just happens to be Alpha, then by all means send Me a message with a proper introduction...

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WARNING Any institutions, individuals, and/or third parties using this site and/or any of its associated sites for studies or projects, and/or any duplication (for any reason) and/or posting to any site - You do NOT have My permission to use any of My profile and/or pictures, whether static or during live web casts in any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of My privacy and will be subject to legal action under the Privacy Act, Copyright and/or other.


== Results from ==

100% Dominant

100% Mistress

100% Owner

99% Mommy

99% Degrader

98% Sadist

98% Rigger

98% Primal (Hunter)

97% Voyeur

97% Brat tamer

95% Ageplayer

94% Experimentalist

61% Exhibitionist

55% Non-monogamist

11% Vanilla

7% Girl/Boy

4% Brat

4% Pet

2% Primal (Prey)

0% Switch

0% Slave

0% Rope bunny

0% Degradee

0% Masochist

0% Submissive


I know that these are not for E/everyone, but are any of these edge play kinks to your liking?

  1. 1950s Household - (everything to do with it) A BDSM lifestyle which emphasizes the Matriarchal philosophy of the classic 1950’s household presided over by Myself…or a Dominant Female figure.

  2. 24/7 TPE – (everything to do with it) A Total Power Exchange relationship (whether aspects big or small) that exists all day, every day.

  3. Abrasion play - (giving) is the use of various rough items (sandpaper, a file, fingernails, hairbrushes, etc.) to rub the skin of My subs/slaves with varying intensity depending upon the item being used. How hard I press the item against the skin, and how many times the area is gone over with the implement determines the impact. The play usually involves making the skin red, often making scratches. Sometimes blood is drawn; in that case, the usual precautions against infection (see after care) is essential. In extreme cases, this could amount to torture.

  4. Aftercare – (giving) a period of time after play during which I check and re-establish connections with My sub/slave. This could often involve cuddling, eating or drinking fluids to replace electrolytes, applying lotions/oils, discussing the scene, etc. Aftercare is different for everyone, and can also involve alone time, or any number of personal preferences. Aftercare is widely considered to be an essential part of kinky play and something that I definitely believe in.

  5. Age play – (everything to do with it) Role play involving a distinct difference in ages, and often power exchange based on those ages (Me the Adult and you the child). This can include infantilism, Parent/child play, incest play, diaper play, etc. which I am very fond of.

  6. Anal Beads (giving), are a sex toy consisting of multiple spheres (or balls) attached together in series which I continuously insert into the rectum of My sub/slave and then removed the beads with varying speeds depending on the desired effect (commonly at orgasm to enhance climax if I am permitting an authorized release or sissy squirt). I often use this as a reward so My subs/slaves enjoy the pleasurable feeling of the ball passing through the narrow sphincter of the anus.

  7. Anal hooks (giving), An anal hook is a metal hook with a loop on one end and sometimes a ball on the other end. The loop is on the longer end of the hook and the shorter end is inserted into the anus. An anal hook is usually about one inch thick and six inches long. The purpose of the anal hook is to hold My sub/slave in place during a BDSM scene. While the short end of the hook is inserted into the anus, a rope is threaded through the loop on the long end. That rope can then be attached to an overhead fixture which would hold the sub/slave in position with their rear in the air or it can be used to bind their wrists.

  8. Anal licking (receiving), is the oral act in which My sub/slave stimulates My anus by using the mouth, including lips, tongue, or teeth for erotic humiliation.

  9. Anal stretching (giving), The act of stretching My subs/slaves anus via toys with a 2" diameter for beginners and up to 5"+ for experts. The anus naturally stretches just like ear piercings, and after a few hours will return to its original size.

  10. Anal training (giving) Preparing and training the anus to become accustomed to anal play. The human body is not ready to have anal play without proper preparation. Lubricant is extremely important for any anal play. After playing with the anus, I often introduce anal beads or a butt plug to start. Over time, introducing butt plugs is usually a good step toward training the anus for My strap on or dildo penetration.

  11. Armpits (giving), When I permit My sub/slave to go down on My armpit. This may be done when I am sweet smelling or down right dirty depending on the sub/slave and if it is a reward or a punishment.

  12. Ass Play (giving) Stimulating My subs/slaves anus with My finger, toe, fist, stiletto heel, hamster, cell phone (set to vibrate), etc.

  13. Ass to mouth (giving), When I remove a dildo or My strap on from My sub/slaves ass and then put it straight into their mouth.

  14. Auralism - you licking and sucking (Me listening)

  15. Ball gags (giving), a bondage item that consists of a ball on a rope that I shove into My sub/slaves mouth which I tie up tight to more effectively muffle their yelling.

  16. Kicking (giving), When I strike My sub/slave in their testicles with My foot and emasculating him. Stretching (giving) Ball stretching or scrotum stretching is the stretching of the scrotum which aims to increase its length so that the testicles permanently hang

  17. Bare bottom spanking (giving),See bare handed spanking. The difference here is that I may use other items other than My hand like a whip, cane, etc.

  18. Bare handed spanking (giving), I like to pull My sub/slave by the ear toward Me, guiding him down over My knee, and then slapping that bare bottom booty. I actually prefer their crotch area directly over My lap to ensure that their ass is slightly lifted and exposed right above My lap

  19. Bastinado of the feet (giving), a more painful method of corporal punishment I like to use which consists of hitting the bare soles of My subs/slaves feet with a light rod, knotted cord, lash, cane, or switch. To make matters a little more interesting I announce a certain amount of lashes, but require My sub/slave to count by 7’s

  20. Bathroom Use Control (giving), Bathroom denial is a very powerful form of asserting control which I like to use. I enjoy having control over My sub/slaves natural bodily functions which implies a very strong mental and physical power over him. This form of punishment to him reinforces the hierarchy of power within a D/s relationship.

  21. BDSM (everything to do with it) is a catch all phrase for things like bondage and discipline, Dominance and submission, sadomasochism, sadism and masochism, slave/Mistress, etc.

  22. Begging (receiving), Begging is a term used for My sub/slave pleading with Me either very or physically for something. Verbal begging may involve My sub/slave using the word please, using bribery to convince Me, and generally saying things to express his desperation.

  23. Behaviour Modification (giving), changing undesired behaviours in My sub/slave into more desirable ones by using reinforcement or punishment.

  24. Being forced to lick ass while in bondage (receiving), A classic technique I like to use where I put My sub/slave into sub space by tying him up and then humiliating him while also providing him with arousing stimulation.

  25. Being treated like a beautiful sissy but fucked like a dirty little whore (giving), dressing up My sissy like a princess then using her like a whore.

  26. Belt spanking (giving), is an erotic spanking administered often on My sub/slaves tushie or back, but can also be combined with

  27. Bondage, (giving) in order to heighten arousal and his feelings of helplessness.

  28. Belt whippings (giving), see belt spanking. The difference is the intensity and the velocity I use with the belt.

  29. Ben wa Balls (receiving), traditional Ben Wa s are marble-sized metal balls that are not attached and float freely within My vagina. In order to extract the balls, I may chose to push them out with My Kegel muscles, jump up and down, sneeze or cough. Ben wa balls may also be used during intercourse to stimulate both My sub/slave or just Myself if I have him wear a sheath.

  30. Bisexuality (everything to do with it), is a romantic attraction, sexual attraction or sexual behaviour toward both males and females.

  31. Blackmail (taking) is when I will make a demand and expect it to be fulfilled, with a threat being made toward My sub/slave that will have a negative consequence that will arise if he fails to follow My orders.

  32. Blindfolds (giving), is a piece of fabric that I secure around the head of My sub/slave and place it over his eyes to block one of his 5 senses…sight! I often use blindfolds in BDSM play because when sight is blocked, the remaining 4 senses of smell, taste, touch and hearing are amplified; My sub/slave is also rewarded with the element of surprise with not being able to see particularly stimulating.

  33. Body Modification (giving), Body modification is an umbrella term for My deliberate alteration of My sub/slaves body, such as tattooing, scarification, receiving skin implants, piercing, branding, plastic surgery, circumcision.

  34. Body Paint (giving), is a form of temporary body art which can last for several hours.

  35. Body worship (receiving), When I permit or instruct My sub/slave to worship, kiss, lick, suck, stroke, etc. a certain part or My entire body

  36. Bondage (giving), Restraint or restriction of My sub/slave using rope, leather, furniture, and/or devices, etc.

  37. Bondage Equipment (everything to do with it) spanking bench, st. andrews cross, suspension point; also see bondage.

  38. Boot licking (receiving), see boot worship

  39. Boot worship (receiving) Permitting My sub/slave to kiss, lick, suck, sniff, stroke, or clean My boots is considered a reward, yet extreme form of humiliation due to the low stature of the feet in society.

  40. Boss/Secretary (I’m always the boss) a form of role playing

  41. Bottom – (taking) A role referring to My sub/slave as he is the bottom in a D/s relationship.

  42. Breath play – (giving) The act of choking and/or restricting breath.

  43. CBT – (giving) Cock and Ball Torture

  44. Cane/Caning – (giving) A common BDSM toy and activity made from many different woods, plastics, or any semi-flexible material. I like to strike My sub/slave with a cane, usually across broad, fleshy areas of the body like the tush, backs of the thighs, the bottoms of the feet, etc

  45. Collar/Collaring – (giving) warn by My sub, slave, sissy, to signify they’re Owned.

  46. Consent – (receiving) Saying yes! Yes please Ma’am! Consent is un-coerced, non-pressured, and given freely. Consent is very, very important. See also: safe words.

  47. Consensual Non consent – (receiving) Sometimes referred to as “rape play,” ConNonCon includes much more than acting out violent fantasies. It is complex scene play, which usually has a pre-negotiated safe word and extensive discussion of boundaries and limits beforehand. Also see hard limits and soft limits.

  48. Corsetry/Tight-lacing – (everything to do with it) A fetish that explores power exchange and/or fetish through shape changing, sometimes breath-limiting corsetry.

  49. Cupping – (giving) Also called “fire cupping,” it is the act of heating up glass cups with rounded backs, usually a few inches across, on the skin. As the cups cool, it creates a vacuum, leaving a hickey-like bruising pattern across the skin. NOTE: If done hard enough/hot enough, cupping can also break the skin.

  50. Domme – (everything to do with it) A role identifying Me or a Woman as Dominant; to be on the controlling and decision-making side of power exchange

  51. Dungeon – (everything to do with it) A large group play space where play parties are held with kink furniture. Rarely are these actual dungeons. Often, they’re converted conference rooms, ballrooms, or even individual homes or rooms in homes. Sometimes, they’re committed spaces that stay dungeons all the time.

  52. Dungeon Mistress – A Domme like Myself who is responsible for safety in the Dungeon, usually an experienced member of the community, sometimes the host. I/She walk around, check in on different scenes, are responsible for ousting unsafe or inappropriate players etc.

  53. D/s – (everything to do with it) Shorthand for Dominance and submission.

  54. Edgeplay – (giving) A term for BDSM practices that are considered at the edge or more risky. ie: breath play, choking, knife play, needle play, play piercing, blood play, fire play, gun play, etc. Also see consensual nonconsent.

  55. Enema – (giving) The act of douching or cleaning the anal cavity and rectum. This can also be a fetish preference.

  56. Fetish – (everything to do with it) A “fetish” is an object or action that isn’t inherently sexual (examples: leather, latex, rope, crying), but that carries sexual association or is a turn-on for a given person

  57. Fetlife – Kink’s equivalent of Facebook, and is a website for posting pictures, statuses, writing, finding local groups (munches), making friends, and organizing events.

  58. Fire Play – (giving) Play that involves the sensation, use, or threat of fire.

  59. Fisting – (giving) An act in which My fist (or part thereof) is used to penetrate My sub/slave. When done with proper warm up and technique, fisting doesn’t hurt or cause any damage, but rather can be really amazing! Fisting can be anal or vaginal.

  60. Floggers/Flogging – (giving) A common BDSM toy and practice, a flogger is a multi-tailed whip that comes in various sizes. The tails can be made from various materials, such as leather, suede, or hair, often with wood or synthetic handles wrapped in the material of choice. Flogging can produce a sensation that’s anywhere from sharp sting to heavy thud, or any combination of the two. I like to strike My sub/slave with a flogger across a part of the body that’s large and meaty, such as the upper thighs, butt, or upper back…but never the lower back.

  61. Florentine Flogging – (giving) is a very interesting variation where two floggers are used rhythmically. A dragon tail is a less common style that uses a single wide coiled piece of leather instead of a thin whip.

  62. Knife Play – (giving) Play involving the use, threat, or sensation of knives.

  63. Golden Showers – (giving)Something I love which is peeing on My sub/slave or having him ingest Me.

  64. Hard Limit – (respect it) A specific element or action that a person isn’t comfortable with, and cannot see themselves becoming comfortable with (example: “blood play is a hard limit for me”). Also see: soft limits.

  65. Impact play – (giving) A category of sensation play which produces stings and thuds.

  66. Masochism/Masochist – (giving) A sub/slave who enjoys pain/the act of enjoying pain. Can also sometimes indicate the feeling of pain as pleasure, or the simple enjoyment of pain as pain.

  67. Mistress/slave – (everything to do with it) A relationship term indicating intense power exchange, service, and sometimes a 24/7 dynamic.

  68. Medical Play – (giving) play or scenes involving medical equipment, medical aesthetics, and medical tools. Often involves needle play and/or play piercing.

  69. Munch – (everything to do with it) A social event for kinksters, usually held at a bar or a restaurant.

  70. Mummification – (giving) the wrapping or mummifying of part or all of the body to confine movement and/or limit sensory experience. Can be performed with saran wrap, plastic, rubber, fabric, or with special equipment like vaccubeds.

  71. Needle Play – (giving) Play involving needles, or the threat of needles. See also: play piercing.

  72. Play – (everything to do with it) A general use verb to indicate doing BDSM actions, and an adjective to precede specific BDSM interests. ie: strapon play, needle play, age play, etc.

  73. Play Party – (everything to do with it) An event where kinksters gather to play.

  74. Play Piercing – (giving) The practice of temporary piercing of the flesh, both for the sensation and aesthetic of piercing. Piercings are sometimes placed in designs across the body or needles may be attached to string or other points for further sensation. Also see needle play.

  75. Pony Play – (giving) play involving My sub/slave acting like a human pony. Can involve costuming (hoof boots, saddles, bridals, bits), or simply sounds and actions of the horse. Usually involves some kind of power exchange. Also see pet play.

  76. Power Exchange – (everything to do with it) The act of exchanging power, from My sub/slave giving his power to Me. Consent is at the basis of any healthy power exchange, regardless of whether the exchange lasts an hour, a day, or a lifetime.

  77. Pet Play – (giving) play involving My sub/slave acting like a human puppy/kitty. Can involve costuming and props (leashes, collars, food bowls), usually involves some kind of power exchange. Also see pony play.

  78. Rape fantasy/Rape play – (giving) When a sub/slave fantasizes about wanting to be raped; which can lead to some very tricky consent boundaries. Sometimes referred to as “consensual non consent,” which is at the heart of most BDSM play. A sub/slaves mental health is of the utmost importance with this form of play.

  79. Sadism/Sadist – (giving) Someone like Myself who enjoys inflicting pain to a sub/slave.

  80. Safeword – (everything to do with it) a pre-negotiated word that either party (although most commonly the sub/slave). I prefer to use the colour system: “red” = stop, “yellow” = check in, and “green” = please Ma’am don’t stop, etc.).

  81. Sensation Play – Play that involves the sense of touch, not necessarily pain. Running a flogger gently across someone’s skin, alternating between soft velvet and scratchy burlap on the back of a paddle. All these are playing with the sensation across My sub/slaves skin.

  82. Sensory deprivation – (giving) Me depriving My sub/slave of one of his 5 senses.

  83. Scat Play – (giving) playing involving feces and fecal matter.

  84. Soft Limit – (everything to do with it) A specific element or action of play that a sub/slave isn’t comfortable with, but could be some time in the future, and/or might want to push past. Also see: Hard limit.

  85. Sounding – (giving) Refers to the practice of inserting metal rods into the urethral opening.

  86. Subdrop – (respecting) An emotional, psychological, or physiological state that can sometimes come after play. Usually involves feelings of loss, loneliness, sadness, abandonment, worry, misgivings about the play or one’s identity as a kinkster. Helpful remedies include: cuddling, warm blankets, a favourite movie, and good foods. See also: topdrop.

  87. Suspension – (giving) the practice of lifting or partially lifting My sub/slave into the air. Most commonly seen with rope, suspension can be done with any number of things.

  88. SSC – (everything to do with it) “Safe, Sane, and Consensual.”

  89. Subspace –(giving) a state of mind referring to a blissed-out, other-worldly place that a subslave can go during heavy play. Subspace, is usually a combination of endorphins and adrenaline that, in the right mix, have an almost drug-like affect. Many subs/slaves report their pain tolerance sky rockets, and a desire to keep playing forever.

  90. S/M – (everything to do with it) originally an acronym for “Sadomasochism,” S/M, SM, or S&M became an all-inclusive word meaning the same as “kink” or “BDSM,” when the scene was still in its fledgling stages. Many older texts will use S/M (or “leather”) in much the same way as we use “BDSM” or “kink” today.

  91. submissive – (taking) One who gives, relents, or doesn’t have power.

  92. Switch – (not for Me at all) One who switches between roles of Dominant and submissive.

  93. Sadist – (giving) Someone like Me who enjoys giving pain.

  94. Top – (giving) a role referring to a Dominant Mistress who is giving sensation. Someone like Me who gives sensation or action. See also: bottom.

  95. Topdrop – (Respecting) An emotional, psychological, or physiological state than can sometimes come after play. Usually involves feelings of loss, loneliness, disgust, self-doubt, misgivings about the play or one’s identity as a kinkster, and sadness. Helpful remedies include: cuddling, warm blankets, good food, favourite movies, etc. See also: subdrop.

  96. Topspace –(giving) is the counterpart to subspace, and includes feelings of all-powerful euphoria and a desire to never stop. See also: subspace.

  97. TPE – (everything to do with it) “Total Power Exchange.” This acronym refers usually to a 24/7 relationship dynamic (the two are often found in conjunction, as in, “24/7 TPE,”) in which all power is exchanged, including finances and physical property.

  98. Vaccubeds – (giving) See mummification

  99. Wax Play – (giving) play involving dripping hot wax on My sub/slaves skin. Different waxes can be used, although many waxes burn at different temperatures and good research beforehand is highly recommended.

  100. Watetsports – (giving)Play involving pee, playing with pee, ingesting, and peeing on My sub/slave. See also: golden showers.

  101. Wartenberg wheel – (giving) is a small, very sharp-spiked wheel that can be rolled over the skin, or used in conjunction with an electrical play unit.

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