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I completed FDS University.

" There is a Special Place for Me in HELL ... It's Called a THRONE ... "

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Extreme Restraints
I am a : Female Professional Dominant

City : Provincetown
State / Province : Massachusetts
Country : United States
Date of Birth : 1975
Height : 5ft 4in
Body Type : Average
Hair Color : Other
Eye Color : Brown
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : No
Occupation : Medical/Dental
Orientation : Lesbian
In Lifestyle Since : 1992
About me

About Me:

Mistress Darklady


* Birthdate: 26 October 1975

* Height: 5`6" - Weight 122 lbs

* Hair:   Brown .. Blonde .. Red

* Eyes: Brown .. Green .. Blue

* Married: 04 July 2004 - Lesbian

* Astrology: Scorpio

* Zodiac: Rabbit (wood rabbit)

* Hometown: Provincetown, Ma. USA

* Born: Santa Barbara, Ca. USA

* Raised: Santa Barbara,Ca.; Malibu,Ca.; New Orleans,La. Burus,La.; Boloxi,Ms.; Mobile,Al.; Provincetown,Ma

* Gender: Female

* Ancestory: Irish-Italian

* Myers Briggs Type Indicator:ENFJ

* Education: Ba Ma Phd , Nursing , Emerg Med

* IQ: 146

* Misc:Pilot(helo-small fixed wing) Scuba Diver, SAR qualified Air Ambulance Medic stand by, Sailor 46`motorized and 65`sail ..Miss Stress 1 & 2


I am a former Pro Domina.. genetic Female lesbian and a permanent resident of Provincetown,Ma. USA.

Jacqueline and I live an interesting life...and have experienced more than you could imagine. The average person may find My lifestyle interesting or fascinating or maybe even frightening.

I started as a submissive at the age of 14 graduated to a slave then to various steps as a Domina and ProDomina..I have worked in various Dungeons where in early 1994 DarkLady was born and began , I have left that part of My experience behind.

I also have modeled Fetishwear and lectured on the lifestyle all over the world.I have had many slaves in My past and present...female, male and transgendered.

I still remain as Mentor to many. I was a Member  of many BDSM Clubs,Org`s such as The Dominion, Paddles,Den of Iniquity and more..I am a Female Supremisist..Former Sublime Lady of The Former OWK #002193 and have International Registration.

I do not mix Professions nor will I talk about them,to Me its idle chit chat which I do not have time for.

Above and beyond BDSM My interest is FEMMING MALES such as crossdressers, sissys, transgendered gurls from novice to experienced ,those that sincerely want to be femmed or further femmed to a level or a goal of their choice.I do not play games,what I do is very real and known as Transgendered Coaching.. all methods have been tested and those found to work are now presently in use with many..

My interest is not for financial or material gain, it is to direct the ones who wish to be helped and guided in their transformation, novice or or out of the closet,as a part time CD or a full tme TG to a level or a goal you wish to sincerely will get out what you sincerely put into it,you will work,sweat and find it not easy,but you will shape and form for the beginning of your transformation.

All that apply will find Me very understanding and discreet when needed. Those chosen to serve and learn servitude and enter Femming will also find Me loving,caring,fair,somewhat gentle,but also very firm and strict.All rules, protocols and instruction will be obeyed without question,NO EXCEPTIONS for any slavegurl who joins Me.Novices or experienced gurls will need to comply with the following instructions to proceed:

Above and beyond BDSM..My specialty is femming...femme`s tg`s you would be made an online slave.....for this slave training is serve Me you must have Skype and a web cam... also proper female clothing.....bra..panties or thong...thigh hi stockings (no pantyhose)..and 4 in black heels open or closed toe with ankle straps,some clip type clothspins and a paddle of some sort...these are basic needs for novice/beginners.... I will also take male slaves who are smooth..shaven or waxed and have access to a G string Heels and red Lippy  and be un attached ,,Should you wish to serve..make application to your own words...

Mistress DarkLady

Things I Love:

My Jacqueline..

My slavegurls...

Those that obey and work hard and reach the goals they set for themselves...


Candlelight and a nice wine...

Things I dislike:


People who use religon to judge others...

Those who waste My time..

Those who are disloyal,disrespectful or insincere..


Are you seeking a Pro-Domme?

Are you sure what you seek is a Pro-Domme?

Often the conception of what a Pro-Domme is wrong.

A Pro-Domme is a professional Dominatrix.

A Pro-Domme is NOT a prostitute.

A Pro-Domme is NOT an escort..

This means that the Person you are seeing will provide a BDSM fantasy setting and experience. A Pro-Domme never gets naked. A Pro-Domme never has sex with Her subjects. Exactly what a Pro-Domme can and can't do legally is governed by the local municipality, the state, and the government.  This will vary, so be sure to speak freely about what experience you are looking for. Because the laws can be vague I suggest that you go to a real professional who has been inspected by local authorities and that operates within the legal parameters. This is suggested because many of the subjects are married or involved with someone who would not understand if there was an arrest.  If the person is legal you have vastly reduced that possibility. Additionally, you should be concerned with safety and health. An experienced person who has had Hepatitis vaccinations and uses hospital grade cleaners is always going to be your best bet. Many sessions will involve some sort body fluids: sweat, spit, and possibly blood.  Some personal items should never be shared - so consider purchasing any personal items for a session.

And no matter how much care a Pro-Domme takes there is always a chance for bruising, sprains, muscle strain, and other accidents. If you absolutely can not be marked then you should not take the risk. The Pro-Domme will not know your medical history and how your body will react to different toys. There are many principles used to not mark a subject but again, accidents can happen.

In the United States, f you go to a legal Pro-Domina do not expect a sexual release ejaculation. A Pro-Domme is NOT a prostitute. A Pro-Domme is NOT an escort. A subject does not pay for services to be rendered but subjects are allowed and expected to offer tributes to the Pro-Domme. Many times the Pro-Domme will have the minimum amount of tributes accepted listed on Her web site. Do not expect Her to have phone conversations with you. If you are interested in that, many have 900 phone numbers/services. Most will have a web site gallery, so don't ask for more pictures.

Mistress Darklady

The Dominatrix

She stands there, against a gloomy, threatening background, as though evolved from its restless churning darkness.

Hood and whip, boots and leather bodice, all in black She appears as She has for centuries, a symbol of mysterious and alien power to which our collective imaginations have given the status of symbol and archetype.

But symbol of what, archetype of what particular complex of thoughts?

Is She not the menace and lure of feminine power unchecked, with the ability to overwhelm or enrapture as She sees fit?

Does She not both repel and attract, causing fear and desire at the same time?

What power can oppose or stop Her, She who incorporates all force, all energy into herself?

In Her the weaker sex becomes strong, and this to the point of invincibility.

Fearless, determined, unstoppable, with the power to inflict pleasure or pain in unlimited quantities, separately or at once, She demands unconditional surrender.

And yet, what is she, after all, but a figment of our own dark fantasies? And the mind, like the body, has no process which is not useful to it in some fashion.

Of what use then, is the Dominatrix?

She is the female for whom we need have no sympathy, no understanding.

These considerations, which the woman in most ordinary relationships passively elicits or, in some cases, actively solicits, play no part in her.

She neither requires nor desires them. She would reject them with scorn, punishing rather than rewarding any such sentimentality.

There is nothing of the clinging vine. Unstoppable as hammer, invulnerable as anvil, She strides down the path of Her iron will through the universe, shoving aside or cutting through all opposition, persevering without letup, enduring without being in any way diminished.

Luxury, wealth status?

She desires these only as added forms of personal power. Pain and hardship She shrugs off, unscathed.

She takes what She wants and needs nothing.

Like the shark, She consumes, not because She is hungry but because it is Her nature to devour.

 Mistress Darklady

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Forgot the lipstick that's also in Your photo....
"with that You will write degrading messages all over my body.....Maybe also colour my erect cock, balls, asshole and nipples really bright red so they stand out prominently and lewdly?"


Why do You not answer? Why do You not unblock me?

Perfect illustration
"Your main photo: Your spike my bollocks with Your rose thorns; You penetrate my dick head with Your stiletto heel; You ram the wide bottle end up my ass; You command me to wank twice and make me drink my salty spunk from the wine glass. And as the torture proceeds, You smile Your gorgeous smile because You are having fun at my humiliation and pain......Divine Most Sublime Mistress, please may i now be unblocked by You? i have had to suffer this blocking punishment a long time.....Please show me some mercy, Mighty Mistress. i will be Your best most obedient slave from now on. Please, Mistress.....Thank You, Mistress..."

Sublime Torturing Goddess...
"it kneels naked before You, submitting totally before Your Absolute Female Power, Your boot pressing down hard on its phallus and scrotum --- and it thanks You for all the torture and pain You are so skilfully forcing it to suffer for Your amusement......"


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