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I completed FDS University.
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" Free Chelsea Manning! "

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Extreme Restraints
I am a : transgender submissive

City : Wrexham
State / Province : Unknown
Country : United Kingdom
Date of Birth : 1957
Height : 5ft 8in
Body Type : A few extra pounds
Hair Color : Blonde
Eye Color : Brown
Ethnicity : White/Caucasian
Drink : Yes
Smoke : No
Occupation : Retired
Orientation : Lesbian
In Lifestyle Since : 2016
About me

"Everything I can't have in this world is because of that thing down there. If you wanna see who I am, that's the last place you should look. " Angel in Pose


That which i seem, i do not feel

That which i feel, i do not seem

That which i am, i am not,

That which i am not, i AM.


i am Annemari, familiarly Marie, sexually;^ or Anne, socially, a selectively submissive tgurl who considers herself a non-op transexual. i call myself lesbian in the summary, but more accurately i am bisexual, and mostly now a transbian. My feminine persona  has existed for many years, but i have only identified as a transwoman recently.

To the Ladies of this site, i offer my devotion and thanks.

The interests section seems broken so to summarise, i have some experience as a submissive of bondage and discipline. i will not participate in any activity that involves breaking skin,  but in most other activities i have soft limits.  CBT is also a hard limit because i have no wish to fetishise that part of me.

== Results from ==

100% Rope bunny

99% Degradee

97% Submissive

97% Brat

87% Non-monogamist

84% Masochist

83% Voyeur

78% Slave

75% Primal (Prey)

75% Experimentalist

Y/you will notice there are no maid costumes in my profile pictures. This is not accidental. i would probably be an excellent soubrette if i was "somewhat" younger and could sing, but irl my indolence is incurable. However, advising my Mistress how to cheat on Her lover as i hand Her her coffee, or inviting my man to chastise me "Batti, batti, o bel Masetto...",  right up my street.

Pictures. Currently, almost all pics in my profile are of me, with one inspirational exception. In the galleries, pics i have found on the net are usually posted to a theme.

Petulant note

Several Dames have messaged me addressing me as a submissive male. i now assume the messages are sent by mistake and delete them at once.  Also any that ask for my email address by return.

"If I  offend, it is but with good will", Ladies.

Found this, part of a longer essay, on Fetlife:

"This is what it means to DOMINATE, after all. Dominance isn't about giving orders—orders are proof of dominance, not establishment. It's not about making your partner act like a submissive—again, that's the fun aftermath, and not the dominance itself. To dominate is simply to be something so appealing, so overwhelming, so enough, that your partner takes it in and finds they have nothing left to offer but need and pleasure and surrender. It's not an inert feeling: submission is active, but the activity is centered on experiencing you. It isn't mindless: mindlessness is a fun fantasy, but submission is profoundly mindful, a deep attunement to your rhythms and your way of being."

(Posted on Fetlife by WhyTrustTomHanks)

Random Thoughts of a Fractured Mind

Marie "My heart belongs to Daddy.. "

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